Manual for 7Artisans 7.5mmF2.8 Fisheye Lens FX Mount --- by Mark Kronquist

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Thank you for your purchase of our 7.5 fisheye lens for your Fuji X Series Camera.

As you may know, Japanese lenses were discovered by American Korean War Photographers in the early 1950s. They were amazed at the quality of the images and of the workmanship and the value. At 7 Artisans, we hope you are equally amazed at the lenses our technicians create.

What good is a great lens of you cannot afford it or that it is so expensive that you will never use it for fear of loss or damage, And what good is a poorly made lens that delivers second best images and that disintegrates in your hands.

Dedicated to combining hands on craftsmanship and leading edge computer design and advanced manufacturing technology to deliver lenses you can afford and will be proud to use.

Each 7 Artisans Lens is packaged in a lovely box for two reasons, one because 7 Artisans Lenses are special and two to insure that the lens reaches you, wherever you are in the world, in perfect condition.

While every lens is hand inspected and tested and includes an inspection certificate, we realize that we are human and also that sometimes things happen. Each lens is protected by a one year warranty from the date of purchase. Should you have a problem, please contact the distributor in your country. In the unlikely event that you might have a  problem with them, please let us know.
Each lens has a mounting index dot printed on the barrel.
Align the dot and twist the lens to securely mount it to your Fuji X Camera

Remember, 7 Artisan’s Lenses are manual focus. Please set your Fuji X


Never point any lens directly at the sun, it will damage your eye and the sensor as well.
Each lens is crafted from fine optical glass. Please use a Microfiber Cloth or proper
lens tissue and fluid to carefully clean any fingerprints or dust.
This is an extreme fisheye delivering 180 degrees, Take care to assure your fingers
do not appear at the edges of the image
The aperture has 11 blades which should generate a superb bokeh
(out of focus highlights)
The extreme wide angle of view means almost everything is in focus
The f2.8 maximum aperture is extraordinary for a super wide angle lens (most are
f5.6 or slower) meaning you can shoot in extremely low light situations
This is a precision instrument delivered to you ready to shoot,
Please do not disassemble or adjust the lens. In the unlikely event
that there is a problem, please contact your regional distributor and, if
in the unlikely event, they cannot help you, please contact us
Four petal lens hood helps protect the front element and prevent lens flare.
Wide, easy to grip metal focus mount makes it easy to insure
sharp images. Marked for feet or meters
Wide, well marked aperture ring lets you use f stops for extra creative control
Clear focal lens markings make it easy to see at a glance what lens is

mounted to your camera.

Rugged, all metal mounting ring is designed to OEM standards and
to provide years of precise, trouble free use.

Go forth and create amazing images.

Mechanico Fuji 7=5 Indepemdemce Oregon USA  - 1(1).jpeg

Fuji 7-5 - 1(1).jpeg

Paul and Madison and Svetlanka PADA PDX  - 1(1).jpeg

Fuji 7-5 pdx oregon usa  - 1(1).jpeg